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How It Works

Here’s the simple 4 step process to creating your own Legacy Forest:

  • Create your personal FREE account, it takes about 3 minutes
  • Complete a brief profile about yourself, or save that for a later time
  • Connect with family members of your choice, by name or email
  • Begin writing or recording stories and memories, not sure what to write? We’ll help you…

The main purpose of LegacyForest.com is to create stories and preserve memories that can be passed on to future generations of your family. We’re the first ever legacy creating tool that enables you to create your living legacy online from virtually anywhere that you may be. Our technology enables you to log in to your account, create instant stories and share them in real time as you are living the moment or to simply relax in the comfort of your own home and type or audibly record stories about events, achievements and memories that you want to preserve for your family members and future generations. Your legacy can be constructed at your own pace and in your own time to be passed along to family members, some of whom you may never meet. You’ll have the ability to upload photos with each text or audio story created. We’d like you to think of our site as your own personal self-paced autobiography that is shared with your family in an individualized story line format. Family members that you choose will have access to your storyline and be able to contribute their own memories of the events and stories that you share. Once your stories are created, the information is stored securely on our servers so that you may have access to edit, add photos or create additional stories at any time. Family members that you choose will be able to read or listen to the memories that you’ve shared at their leisure.

The Legacy Forest is a computer-based, self-paced autobiography in your loved one's own words and descriptions. It is truly the first legacy-creating tool ever designed. Many families decide to put together a family tree. They often struggle with research to make connections between relatives to find out their family origin. This typically includes a name, a birth date and a date of death. Other than genealogy, not much can be learned from this. Our goal is to change that. This special website will document the thoughts and experiences of loved ones for future generations, and leave family members personalized memoirs of each family member.

Live every day like it's your last!

We never know when we will lose a loved one. When we so, we often wish that we would have known their thoughts and advice for our futures. In addition to the great stories and memories that you share with your family while you are living, we have created a unique “Leave Behind a Note” feature that will enable you create specific messages to selected family members. You can write or record personal messages for these family members that will remain private only to you. You will have the option to assign a family member as the administer of your account and when your account is converted to an “In memoriam” status, your private messages will be delivered to your family members as you have instructed. This unique feature provides a unique healing method while they experience their own grieving process. It’s an excellent way to leave advice or personal messages for your loved ones to cherish.

By creating your own “Legacy Forest” today you’ll have the opportunity to:

  • Keep connected with your family members and talk about your own personal life events
  • Meet new family members and learn more about their life experiences, dreams and goals
  • Create a legacy for future generations that you may never have the opportunity to meet
  • Preserve your own memories of events, milestones and history as you remember it in your life

I'm Ready To Start My Legacy!