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Legacy Forest Terms and Conditions (2013)

LegacyForest.com would like to welcome you to our site. In order to join as a member or use our site as a visitor you will need to agree to the terms and conditions of our site. These terms and conditions are effective January 1, 2013 and remain valid until further changes apply. Previous terms and conditions may be found by clicking here.

I. General Overview

In order to complete registration and use or services, whether registering or as a guest user, you must review and accept these terms and conditions hereinafter called “Agreement”. This agreement defines user rights and responsibilities for using our website (LegacyForest.com or “Legacy”). This website is operated in the United States of America and may contain registered users from other countries. Registration outside of the United Stated of America may be limited due to regulations and access governed by other countries. This website is intended for the purpose of adult registered users over the age of 18. Any user under the age of 18 must have the permission of a parent or legal guardian who is also a registered user of LegacyForest.com. If a minor is permitted by parent or guardian to use our services, the parent or guardian will be held responsible for the minor’s actions. If you are not in agreement with any of the terms and conditions listed herein, you will not be permitted to use our services.

II. Definition of Service

LegacyForest.com is an online service offered exclusively for the purpose of a user creating a family tree and storyline for their personal enrichment and edification. Only registered users may create direct connection with other registered users who are within their immediate family. It is required that both users mutually accept the request of the other in order for a family relationship to be established and a database connection created. Legacy provides on online database service for connected users / family members to share text, audio and video stories and messages to other members. Each user account is specific as to the information that is to be shared and all information is securely stored in Legacy databases. Other users/family members will only have access to the data shared by their connected family members respectively. No Legacy user outside of a direct family connection will have access to search, read or preview any information regarding other users, their family connections or storylines and postings. LegacyForest.com is a copyrighted website as is it’s content and is protected by such copyright, pursuant to United States or other copyright laws and international conventions; if applicable.

III. User Conduct Conditions

Before you register as a user for LegacyForest.com or if you are a guest user, you agree to comply with all applicable state and federal laws. You agree to not knowingly submit any falsified information, infringe on any third party rights or submit any malicious, offensive or defamatory information to our website or its users. Common conduct guidelines include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Do not include any personal information, photographs, videos or other materials regarding any individual or group without permission from all involved parties.
  • Do not share telephone numbers, addresses, email addresses or contact information of any individual without permission from the party.
  • There will be no harassment, abuse or threatening communication or postings tolerated.
  • Do not share or disclose any information in relation to minors that you are not the parent or legal guardian of, unless it is in response to communication received from that responsible party or individual.
  • Post or share information only for the given topic. Do not sell, solicit or offer any kind of services, products or like items to members.
  • Only post information as yourself as a member, do not post or submit information under the impression that you are someone else or acting on their behalf.
  • Do not post or share any commercial messages in public forums.
  • Do not contact members or users of Legacy pretending to be an employee or agency directly related with Legacy in effort to obtain information regarding users.

Legacy reserves the right to delete any messages, postings or storylines found to be in violation of these terms and conditions. Any violation of these conditions of conduct will result in immediate account suspension and the information found in violation will be forwarded to the appropriate governing agencies for disposition. Legacy reserves the right to cancel or suspend memberships at any time. Changes to these conditions, when updated, will be posted to the website. If you feel as though these conditions have been violated by another user or member please contact LegacyForest.com by using this link: REPORT ABUSE

IV. Guidelines for User Provided Content

LegacyForest.com allows users to upload text, audio and video data to individual user accounts. This content is held securely on servers that are operated by Legacy or a certified and compliant third party. The decision to upload information and data is at the sole discretion of the user. By uploading information to your Legacy account, you agree that the information transmitted is compliant with these terms and conditions. Furthermore, it is agreed that LegacyForest.com, their agents and associates are held harmless of any actions caused in relation to the information that you, the user, submit / upload. Users may submit or share information that is protected by personal copyright. LegacyForest.com, their agents and affiliates are not liable for any infringement of copyright in relation to information or data submitted or posted using our services. If you feel as though your copyright has been violated, as the user, you are responsible for notifying the appropriate parties in effort to resolve these conflicts. Legacy accepts no responsibility for any copyright other than that of our own materials, services, software or processes in which our copyrights are publically provided. By submitting information or data through our services, servers or other processes, you are granting Legacy, their agents and affiliates a transferrable license to host this information or transmit the sharing of data and information as instructed in the methods which you, the user select. Legacy does not acquire any implied rights to user information and should it be necessary to share rights to materials a written agreement between parties will be established.

V. Limitations of Use

As a registered user of LegacyForest.com you may access, use and share certain information contained in our website. Users are limited to use of our website while online and may not download, copy or reproduce any information, processes or graphics without the written consent of LegacyForest.com. Legacy and it’s partners; if any retain full rights and ownership to the website, it’s content, processes and data storage methods. LegacyForest.com expressly prohibits bots, crawlers, code scrapers, data mining software and any other access software or processes from being used in cooperation with our website. Legacy has safeguarded our website to detect such processes and will immediately initiate legal action against any company or individual found violating this policy.

VI. Cancellation of Membership

Users may cancel their membership at any time and without penalty. In the event that users have provided information that is posted in public forum, only the users contributed information will be removed from the forum and not the entire post. If you elect to cancel your membership, you agree to hold Legacy harmless from any content, postings or submissions that include information regarding you as a member. If you elect to cancel a paid membership, you will not receive a refund of any unused portion of prepaid membership. LegacyForest.com does not refund in full or in part, any membership fees collected. LegacyForest.com does not store uploaded text, content, videos or data after a membership is cancelled. Once a membership cancellation is complete, all data is permanently removed from our databases and storage. There is no available recovery process of information or data after an account has been completed.

VII. Membership Subscriptions and Fees

At this time all Legacy Forest accounts are free. Legacy Forest reserves the right to establish a monthly subscription rate for account usage at any time. You will be notified of any changes regarding subscription changes in this terms and conditions agreement.

VIII. Opt Out Process

You may elect to opt out of your auto membership renewal at any time. You will need to contact legacy at optout@legacyforest.com and request in writing at least 5 days prior to your membership billing date that you elect to opt out. Any requests received less than 5 days prior to a billing occurrence will not be processed until the next billing cycle. There will be no refunds given for requests received after the allowable notification time.

IX. Pricing Subject to Change

Legacy reserves the right to change member subscription rates at any time. Under the provisions of this agreement, Legacy will notify all members no less than 60 days in advance of any changes in membership fees.

X. Modifications to this agreement

At times is may be necessary for policies, terms and conditions to change. In the event that there is a change to these terms and conditions, they will be posted on the website in public view for users to review. It is up to users of our services to familiarize themselves with the most recent terms and conditions. If these terms and conditions change, you can access our archive or previous terms and conditions by clicking HERE

*General Terms and Conditions