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Preserve your Memories, Leave your Legacy

The Legacy Forest can be used to connect with and learn about family members, while leaving behind a unique and treasured experience for future generations.


The Legacy Forest

Listen to family members, in their own words, describe how they experienced the Great Depression, Pearl Harbor, and the Civil Rights Movement.

Read about when they met the love of their life, view pictures of the marriage ceremony, and virtually walk in their shoes and experience life as they personally describe it all in great detail.

Any specific event in history can be documented, and you can relive it, through their own words and stories. Answering questions like "What is your greatest achievement?" or "What are your values?" gives family members the opportunity to get to know a relative that they never had an opportunity to meet.

By including thoughts, experiences, pictures and stories for future generations to hear, the traditional family tree becomes so much bigger. It becomes a Forest.